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How to Get Your Free Credit Reports

If you need to pull a copy of your own Free Credit Report, you can use the following links and information to help you attain all 3 of your?Credit Reports for yourself or for a top credit repair company you’re working with. We have used them all at one point or another and they’re all exceptional. We do however have our favorites, but you have to find out which you’d prefer best as well.

Please make sure to read the terms of every free offer as a great deal of “free credit report” websites will actually provide you with a free trial for 7, 14 or 30 days. After which, they will automatically charge you a specific amount on a monthly basis. This isn’t a bad thing though!

Make sure to continuously keep up to date on your credit report so you can avoid having issues in the future. If you have fraud or mistakes on your credit reports and you’re not keeping up to date with your 3-bureau profiles, you can easily be denied for credit or pay extra interest rates in the long run.

Free credit score, updated daily.

Which Report: Transunion

NO Credit Card Needed

Cost of Credit Reports:?Free; one from each agency every 12 months.

Which Report:?Equifax, Experian & Transunion

Cost of Credit Reports:?Free credit report summary.

Cost of credit Score: Free, one time monthly.

Which Report:?Equifax (simple)

Cost of Credit Reports:?Free credit report summary.

Which Report:?TransUnion & Equifax(simple)

Cost of Credit Reports:?Free credit report summary.

Cost of credit Score: Free, one time monthly.

Which Report:?Experian (simple)

Cost of Credit Reports:?Free credit report summary (1 Bureau).

Cost of credit Score: Free, one time every 6 months.


Cost of Credit Reports:?Free Transunion?credit report summary and $1 Credit Report summary.

Cost of credit Score: 1$ for?for 7 days, afterward $17.95/month

Which Report: TransUnion


As stated on the site: “The FTC’s recently amended Free Credit Reports Rule, which took effect April 2, 2010, requires certain disclosures to help consumers distinguish between ads for free credit reports that often require them to buy credit monitoring or other services, and the federally mandated no-strings-attached credit reports available at or 877-322-8228. For example, websites offering free credit reports must have a disclosure, with links to? and, that appears across the top of each page that mentions free credit reports. Violators are subject to legal action that can result in penalties of up to $3,500 per violation.”

Note: You can obtain your Credit Reports for free once per year.

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