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Is good?

Call for details (844) 259-3601

  • Providing credit repair services since 2004
  • Credit professionals helping you through the credit repair process
  • Good support enhanced by technology
  • Exceptional results through customized dispute
  • Affordable credit repair service price

Customer Reviews
3.7 rating based on 12,345 ratings
Overall rating: 3.7 out of 5 based on 17 reviews.


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Why Is Good? one of the best credit repair service companies in the nation and it does an excellent job of streamlining their credit report repair process so you don?t have to worry about speaking to a representative if you choose not to. They make it easy to work on your credit from any location and basically at anytime and their main focus is streamlining the process so you can do everything online., through their credit repair service, works with consumers and credit bureaus together to ensure that your credit information is current and accurate.? Their experts work with you to identify items in your report that you would like to change or challenge, and they use this information to build a plan to address any issues through their credit repair service dispute process. They advocate on your behalf with the credit bureaus to correct mistakes and to ensure those corrections are reflected in your credit reports and they keep you informed of changes using a variety of tools, including a personal online dashboard, text alerts, and a mobile application, so you can stay on top of your improving credit score.

Their pricing plan is straightforward and you can get started right away on repairing your bad credit with their simple but powerful 3-step credit report repair process: Check, Challenge, Change. There are no contracts or hidden fees and callers can receive a free credit consultation before every credit report repair service. In regards to discounts, they offer a family and household discount that when you sign up with others in your family you can all receive $50 off your first months credit repair service fee.

Since 1997, has assisted thousands of consumers in finding effective, credible solutions through their credit report repair services for all credit problems. puts industry-leading experience and technology to work, providing its members with in-depth online credit repair services,?mobile apps, and a team of consumer credit experts who help them every step of the way.

We?re confident that can be more than sufficient to help provide every consumer with an excellent option for a good valued credit repair service. We?d love to hear your thoughts on as well and if you?ve used their service before, please leave a review so we can inform more consumers.


Every credit report repair service organization in the credit repair industry is different and in this case it also apples. Although is not allowed to guarantee or imply specific results, using their strategies members have seen an average 11.6 negative items removals in just 4 months with their credit report repair service. Additionally, past members have seen 7% of their questionable credit report negatives removed per month, and typically see over 20% of their questionable credit report negatives removed within 90 days.

Of course, all credit repair service results will vary based on your specific situation and determining exactly what can happen with your credit is near impossible because every credit repair service organization has to deal with 3rd parties such as credit bureaus, creditor, debt companies, loan companies, etc.

Pricing Plans has one set pricing structure and it is a month to month credit repair service plan. It?s a straightforward plan of $89.95 per month and you will be billed every month until you decide your satisfied of your credit reports are cleaned thoroughly.


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My credit reports were suffering real bad and I couldn't get a loan for anything before I'm a business owner and I'm trying to expand into my second coffee shop, so it was a bit frustrating. They did an amazing job, my score went up by 63 points and I'm back on track.
- Luther

They worked on my credit and a few items came off. It was a hassle trying to speak to anyone but at least they got the work done. Thanks of everything and all the good credit fixing'.
- Lacey B.

How's everyone liking Me... 53 point increase on one of my credit reports. I like them 100% more now.
- Angie

Just wanted to drop this quick review here. 1) They were not very communicative. 2) They did get me results. 3) Price was a little high for the results. I'd still give them a second try if I had to work with another credit repair company.
- Rob

★★☆☆☆ was supposed to be my savior since of course they should be known for credit repair. They haven't been able to remove a single item off of my credit reports. I'm a bit sad and I'm about to cancel my service.
- Barry

I singed up for with my boyfriend. We have some mixed results, since my score is going up but his isn't. I'm not sure why there's such a difference, but the only one complaining is him. Thanks for the work!
- Leia

My score went up 47 points on just Experian. Can wait to get the rest of the results. I have a feeling they're going to be great.
- Cambridge

Can anyone with actually be contacted? I'm getting work done and it's frustrating not knowing what is going on. Call me back.
- William S.

My husband walked me through their sing up process since he had work done with them before. The sign up was easy. The work that they're doing, is a bit more difficult to explain. They're not working on many negative items but at least they're trying. Giving them a chance for now since they helped my husband a lot.
- Olivia

★★★☆☆ did an ok job. I wasn't impressed or frankly very happy with their credit repair service. They do have an easy sign up process and a good way of checking your work month to month.
- Karla

Don't use them, not worth it. I've had better results doing it myself. No thanks.
- Jane

They've done some really good work for me and I barely talk to them. Recommending them to my friends and family. Thanks for the awesome credit fixing.
- Alexey

It was very easy for my wife and I to sign up. I'm excited to see my credit reports this coming month. The service has been good so 4 stars just for that.
- Manny H.

I don't think I ever had a chance to really speak to anyone here. They were very hard to get a hold of and they didn't remove many negative items off of my credit reports. I wish they lived up to their name and actually performed the expected credit repair service.
- Fall J.

I've had this service for just over 2 weeks, and already got an alert on my CreditKarma report that there were changes on my report. Can't wait to see how they do. btw...4 stars because I haven't received results yet. I'll update this review based on my outcome.
- Allison K

I'm wishing I signed up with one of the top 3. Enough said.
- Larry

Ok credit repair company, but I haven't been with them for long. it's only been a couple of months and I still haven't received the results I've been looking and hoping for. Might not be with them for long.
- Joey


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